Dino Studio

This project was built collaboratively by taking part in a Chingu.io Voyage. The project was designed and built over a 6 week period utilising Agile Development principles. Dino Studio is an educational application which that allows users to dive into the world of dinosaurs. This single-page application allows users to discover and learn about various […]

Web Development Portfolio

This is my Web Development Portfolio. I have created this site to showcase my Web Development Projects. This site will improve and evolve as I continue to develop my skills and gain further professional experience. Functionality Responsive Design: The application is optimised for various display sizes, including desktop, tablets, and smartphones. Mobile Navigation: The navigation […]

Omega Domains

A GoDaddy Home Page Clone Built with Astro Inspired by the design of the GoDaddy website, Omega Domains is a project I undertook to become more familiar with the Astro framework and to also hone my CSS and JavaScript skills Functionality Tech Stack This Omega Domains project showcases my ability to work with the Astro […]